Envisioning downtown Newcastle's best future. Working to make it happen. 



January Workshops


Two In-depth, productive workshops were held on January 23 and 25, engaging citizens and leadership in developing an overall vision for downtown's future - and identifying projects to help achieve it. Check out results on our Library page.   

Drop-in Center + More


With kind assistance from Home Street Bank, we created a "drop-in center" for folks to visit during business hours from January 23-25. Scores of residents did just that, helping identify issues and define needs. What's next? See our events page.  

Our "Mini-Poll" Survey


For anyone that couldn't attend workshops or visit the Drop-In Center, a special on-line and paper questionnaire was developed - and LOTS of folks responded (483, at final count) Click below for a summary of survey results.   



Strategic Plan Library

For years (decades!) Newcastle residents have envisioned a more active, vibrant downtown. Here's a collection of items that set the stage for the 2017 Strategic Plan - plus a LOT of input from the community from January to now!